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Give a Lasting Gift this Season: English Lessons

18. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Imagine listening to the radio and hearing only garble. Or watching TV and seeing a jumble of images without connecting words. Picture reading a newspaper every day and seeing just a bunch of meaningless symbols.

That's what life in a new country is like for Russian brides who aren't proficient in English. While the language is everywhere, and many Russian women learn some English in school, many don't have an opportuniy to use it enough.

Say you meet a lady through our site, and using a translator to communicate. Easy, right? However, if you bring a Russian or Ukrainian bride to your home country, she will feel lost and alone if her English is poor.

You might communicate well using gestures, slow speaking and a dictionary when you are together, but what happens if you call her on the phone? What if the pest control guy comes to the door?

English lessons through our Online Gift Shop are a great way to help break the ice for your special lady. They are available through the lady's local agency. The cost is $450 and is a great investment in a special lady you want to make your bride!

Once your fiancee moves to your home country, there's plenty of Russian news on the Internet, to be sure, but it's also important for her to branch out into her new community. So also consider:

  • More intensive language lessons or English as a Second Language (ESL) courses available at local universities, colleges and libraries.
  • Some colleges also have Russian Studies departments whose staff can be helpful to a newcomer.
  • If your area does not have a big Russian-speaking population, connect her with cultural centers.
  • Religion organizations, such as Orthodox churches and synagogues, often have Russian-speaking members who can help her make connections.


Remember, if your lady's English needs work, you have work to do if you're planning a life together! A grasp of language will make your Russian bride feel at home with you, your community and her new country.