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Good Samaritans Seek Ukrainian Brides

11. January 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Men from around the globe are enamored by the charm and beauty of Ukrainian women, including members of an ancient religious sect. The Samaritans, a tiny religious group referenced in the Bible’s Good Samaritan tale, are the latest community to welcome Ukrainian brides.   

It all started a few years ago when Samaritan leaders realized they must allow men to marry outside the community. With only 766 members, the Samaritans face a shortage of women and a heightened risk of birth defects thanks to a small gene pool. Marrying outside the community is the only way to preserve it, and many Samaritan men chose women from Ukraine.

Tanya (above) is one of eleven Ukrainian women to move to the Samaritans’ tiny West Bank village in recent years. The men met the women via an introduction agency in Ukraine. However, it wasn’t desperation or poverty that drew these women to international dating.

"One of the reasons why the women are trying to go to another country is not just material things," she said. "Not just money, not just because you can find work more quickly, and better paid, but also because they think maybe foreigners are more educated and like gentlemen. That's what women are always dreaming about."

Tanya, and other women born outside the Samaritan village, must convert to Samaritanism in order to marry a man from the community and agree to observe the sect’s culture and traditions. Tanya, who is pregnant with her first child, has no problem embracing her new way of life.

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Source/Photo: Aljazeera