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Greece Makes Ukrainian Women Weep

18. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

The tears of Ukrainian women and men mixed with the driving rain at Donbass Arena in Donetsk Wednesday evening as Greece defeated Ukraine 1-0 to advance to their first World Cup since 1994.


Just after the half-hour mark, Greek striker Dimitris Salpigidis broke the heart of a nation when he slipped a shot pass Ukraine goalkeeper Andrei Piatov, after  fellow Greek striker Giorgos Samaras’ sent him perfect through-ball.


Knowing that they had to score twice to win, the Ukrainians kept the pressure up on the Greeks in the second half but goalkeeper Alexandros Tzorvas made brilliant save after brilliant save, to keep Ukraine from reaching the back of the net.


Ukraine had the momentum in the first part of the match when Andrey Shenchenko, following up Oleksandr Aliyev’s shot, had an open goal but smoked a shot just over the crossbar of the Greek goal.


A few minutes later Aliyev's free-kick was saved by Greek goalkeeper Alexandros Tzorvas.


Then it was Greece’s turn to miss an enormous chance when Salpigidis had Piatov one on one and missed his shot.


As the clock ticked towards 90 minutes Ukraine could feel their hopes of South Africa slipping away.  Midfielder Anatoliy Tymoshchuk missed the equalizer with just three minutes left in the match, when his shot from 18 yards out blazed over the top of the goal.


Tzorvas made one last diving save to ensure that Greece would be having their passports stamped next summer for South Africa.


For the weeping Ukrainians they will have to stay home, watch World Cup 2010, think about what could have been and look ahead to Brazil in 2014.