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Growing Number of Ukrainian Students Pursue International Studies

20. February 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Until recently, only a small number of Ukrainian students studied outside Ukraine. The majority of international scholars belonged to members of the upper class, but according to a report from ICEF Monitor, an increasing amount of middle and lower class students are turning to international studies. 


“Educated and ambitious young Ukrainians are becoming increasingly concerned about the future of their own country, and many are eager to establish themselves abroad,” reads the report.


Where Ukrainians Study Abroad

Where Ukraine’s best and brightest choose to study often depends on a country’s visa restrictions. The U.K. was once the top choice for Ukrainian students, but new laws concerning graduates’ work options has greatly reduced the number of applicants. The United States, Ireland, Malta, and Australia are also notorious for arduous visa processes. Canada, on the other hand, makes it easy for international students to immigrate so the nation has seen a dramatic rise in student visa applications. 


A nation’s cost of living is also important to prospective students, making the Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Singapore, China, and other Asian countries popular destinations. Some Ukrainians choose countries like Poland or the Czech Republic because the languages are similar to Ukrainian and students are better able to adapt.  


What Ukrainians Study Overseas

So what do Ukrainian students study when they enroll in foreign universities? Business, management, hospitality, and engineering programs are popular among post-secondary applicants, though majors fall across the board. Many Ukrainians spend years preparing for their studies abroad – attending prep programs and boarding schools – so they don’t choose their specializations lightly. 


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