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HRB’s Valentine’s Day Primer

14. February 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Happy Valentine's Day! Still not sure how to honor the special holiday? Here are a few features and resources to be aware of. 


Valentine's Day Virtual Cards and Promotion

Today, Premium members of Hot Russian Brides can send virtual cards at no cost. Featuring cute pictures and heart-felt messages, virtual cards are a fun way to add a little splash to your HRB email. Men can choose from over two dozen cards, including many with a Valentine’s Day theme. Check them out now!

How to send virtual cards…


Valentine's Day Emoticons

You don’t need email to have a little V-Day fun. Hot Russian Brides’ emoticons help make chats fun and expressive, and we’ve created a few Valentine’s Day animations in honor of the holiday.


Valentine's Day Gifts

Prefer physical gifts to virtual ones? HRB’s online gift shop is full of options, ranging from flower and candy to jewelry and language lessons. We’ve also added two Valentine’s Day packages: the Sweetheart Set or Cupid’s Collection. Which would your lady prefer?


Love Letter Tips

If you’d like to try your hand at penning a love letter, this article offers a few tips. Gifts and virtual cards are nice, but Ukrainian women are especially fond of loving messages from a special man.

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May your Valentine’s Day be happy and full of love!