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Halloween in Eastern Europe

21. October 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

As Halloween approaches, many gentlemen may wonder if the ladies of Hot Russian Brides celebrate this spooky holiday. While Halloween celebrations are rare in Russia and the Ukraine, they do exist.

Many students and young adults enjoy dressing up in costumes, though few shops sell festive getups. Russian women may instead make their own costumes or find sexy outfits at a local lingerie store. Halloween celebrations are also relatively rare, though big city nightclubs may host costume contests and other special events on or around October 31.

Eastern Europe has its share of creepy legends, and a few old castles and hotels offer haunted tours in honor of Halloween. Ukrainian men and women might also find restaurants with monster-themed menus and other creepy offerings.

The Russian Orthodox Church discourages the celebration of Halloween because of its demonic associations and the fact that the holiday originated abroad. At times, the church has even attempted to ban Halloween festivities, claiming they threaten Russia’s national traditions and customs. However, many Ukrainians see the holiday as nothing more than a harmless time to get together and party.


Pumpkins, the traditional symbol of Halloween in the West, actually symbolizes rejection in Eastern Europe. For centuries, Ukrainian women rejected unwelcome wedding proposals by presenting suitors with a harbuz, or pumpkin. Though it isn’t clear how pumpkins became synonymous with romantic rejection, some believe the answer lies in a pumpkin’s less than perfect appearance.

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Photo: A Russian Souvenir Shop