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Happily Married Couples Share Their Secrets

18. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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The search for your perfect match can be quite an adventure, but once you achieve your goal and become happily married, how do you make your marriage last? Couples all around the world ask this question and who better to ask than lovebirds who have been married for over 50 years!


Last month, New York City celebrated couples who have been married for 50 years or longer with a special luncheon at El Caribe Restaurant in Brooklyn. Hundreds attended the gala and many shared their secrets of maintaining happy relationships.



Plenty of pairs cited compromise as the main ingredient of their success. Hilda and Willie said they were an unlikely match in the beginning and none of their friends thought they could make it work. “There’s a lot of compromise,” Hilda explained. “And I believe marriage is a partnership, not an ownership. We have allowed each other to grow. He has allowed me to grow in my career, and I have never forbidden him to do what he wanted to do.”


Ruth and Martin also cited compromise as the key to their happy 67 year union. “You’re going to have to give and take,” Ruth said. “You can’t always have it one way. Whether it’s for two weeks or 20 years, you really have to work at it.” It also helps to remain romantic, as demonstrated by Martin who still writes a love note to his wife every morning, even after all these years.



When dating Russian women online, you may feel like you have more differences than things in common. However, the more you get to know these ladies, you more similarities you will find. Elliot and Hunny have been married for 62 years and claim that the secret to lasting love is all about finding things in common. For them, music was their common bond and they still play together for recovering patients in nursing homes. “We still love singing. Sometimes we get up with pains and cramps, but the day we’re going to go sing, we feel great. That’s what keeps us young,” said Hunny.



Any successful relationship starts with a strong friendship. Morty and Miriam have shared 50 years of wedded bliss and credit their close friendship for their accomplishment. “Besides loving each other, we’re friends,” Morty said. “We get along very well – not that we don’t argue – but we’re very good friends. And when I wake up in the morning and I see her, I think ‘Another day, thank God.’”


While international marriages have their own unique sets of challenges, these common qualities ring true of every thriving relationship. Keep these stories in mind while courting your favorite Russian ladies online so you can choose the perfect mate to be the other half of your success story.


Source: Lemondrop