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Happy Old New Year!

13. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

January 13 marks the "Old New Year" for the Russian Orthodox Church and also signals the end of the winter celebrations.


This second celebration of the coming year is also recognized by other former Soviet countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Belarus.  


Russian friends and families gather together once again to feast, drink, sing, and dance in the New Year. Some people may have traveled out of town during the December 31st New Year, so this gives them another chance to celebrate locally.


Most television networks will rerun programs tonight that originally aired two weeks ago. Tomorrow, most people will begin taking down their holiday decorations and Christmas trees, in preparation of getting back to work and school.


Some say that this last holiday of the busy Russian winter season tends to be more low key than previous celebrations because most folks have had their fill of partying. However, it is still observed and enjoyed by millions of Russians.