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Happy Russian Name Day Marina! (19 Pics!)

28. December 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Hot Russian teacher, Aaisha

The beautiful name Marina comes from the Latin word Marinus, which means “of the sea”. Hot Russian brides who share this name also share some characteristics of the sea. They can be calming and tranquil, as well as deep and mysterious.


Many Russian and Ukrainian women have been given this name. A famous Russian singer is Marina Abrosimova, better known by her stage name MakSim. Marina Neyolova is a Russian actress who has appeared in over 40 films, many of which have become classics of Soviet cinema.


There are thousands of ladies named Marina on HotRussianBrides.com, so you probably already know some that you can congratulate. However, here are 19 gorgeous single girls who have recently started their search for love online so why not send them a warm welcome?


Passionate Ukrainian bride, Marynesca

Beautiful Ukrainian woman, Marina4u

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, MarinaKisser

Stunning Russian single, Mar_ina

Lovely Russian lady, KittyMary

Sexy Odessa girl, MarinaSweety

Hot Russian bride, Deluxe88

Beautiful Ukrainian bride, Mariash

Pretty Ukrainian lady, Flower_

Romantic Ukrainian bride, RoseMarina

Beautiful Russian bride, MeBeauty

Adventurous Ukrainian girl, Elegia

Hot Ukrainian woman, UmaThurman

Amazing Ukrainian lady, MarMarina

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