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Hate American Women? Choose Your Words Wisely...

16. May 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

One of the biggest stereotypes about the international dating industry is that men who search for love abroad are bitter and unappealing. For the most part, people form this opinion after hearing the awful things (some) Russian daters say about American women. Therefore, it's important that gentlemen choose their words wisely lest they give outsiders the wrong impression about Russian dating and the men who look for love in Eastern Europe.


While the majority of men on Russian dating sites harbor no ill will towards the women in their own country, there is a small subset of international daters who hate Western women and have no problem sharing their contempt with the world. If you’ve visited an international dating forum, read a news article about Russian dating, or seen a talk show or documentary about mail-order brides, you’ve likely seen or heard many comments about how American women are fat, horrid, feminist beasts who want to destroy men. Naturally, these insults and sweeping generalizations do not reflect well on the international dating industry or the men who search for love overseas.


Not only that, but disparaging Western women jeopardizes a man’s chances of establishing a solid relationship with a Russian woman. If a man goes on about how all of the women in his country (all 157 million of them in the case of America) are ugly, fat, unfeminine, and unworthy of love, a Russian woman is going to naturally wonder what awful things he might say about her should she get on his bad side and if such a man is capable of forming a healthy relationship. Plus, it just looks like a case of sour grapes.


Men are certainly entitled to their opinion and we don’t wish to censor anyone’s speech. However, we do encourage Russian dating enthusiasts to choose their words wisely as they are often the face of the international dating industry.