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Have You Changed Your Profile Lately?

30. January 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Becoming a member of HotRussianBrides.com is so simple that most guys cruise through completing their profiles and start chatting with beautiful women immediately! It's easy to get so focused on the ladies' photos and profile descriptions that you may never consider revisiting your own.


However, online dating experts do recommend that singles switch up their profile information to have the best success in their search.


One of the biggest gripes women have about men's profiles is that they post old, outdated photos. While you may have resembled a super stud several years ago, Russian women want to know what you look like now. If your profile photos are even six months old, it's time to take a few recent ones and upload them!


Also, try to be more detailed in the descriptions about yourself and what you're looking for. Instead of just saying you're "adventurous", describe something adventurous you've actually done like "skydiving" or at least "have dreams about skydiving." Instead of saying you'd like a Russian wife "who enjoys sports", say you'd like a girl "who would love to spend all day Sunday watching football, drinking beer, and eating hot wings."


You certainly won't attract every Russian lady who peruses past your profile, but by changing it up from time to time, you may cause one who would have passed by to sneak a second glance. Every month or two, refresh your online persona!