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Have You Committed One of the Seven Deadly Sins of Russian Dating?

16. July 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Do you keep striking out on HRB? Perhaps you're guilty of one of the seven deadly sins of Russian dating. Check out the list below and then honestly ask yourself if you're guilty of one (or more) offense.


Being Rude

Manners go a long way in real life, and online dating is no different. Treat the women of Russian Love Match with dignity and respect and the women will thank you.

Trying to Control the Ladies

The women of HRB are free to flirt and chat with whoever they want and they may log on whenever they choose. Men who try to control the ladies by making demands or issuing ultimatums are unlikely to be successful on our site.

Being Inappropriate

Though some of the women dress sexy, HRB is not an adult chat room. Therefore, sex talk and requests for nude photos are a bad idea. It’s also inappropriate to send nude photos of yourself.

Obsessing About Scams

Yes, scams exist and it’s important to be cautious. However, if you go into Russian dating terrified of scams it’s likely you’ll see danger where none exists. Use common sense, keep a level head, and try not to succumb to scammer paranoia.



No one likes a braggart. Even if the richest, most handsome man in the world will sound like an obnoxious jerk if he constantly brags about his life. While everyone tends to broadcast their best qualities, keep the boasting to a minimum if you want to attract a potential match.


Be truthful with a Russian woman from the beginning. Don’t lie or about your age, job, or relationship status. The women of HRB deserve honesty and won’t tolerate men who lie to them.

Expecting to Buy a Bride

Russian dating sites do not sell women in any way, shape, or form. Men who come to services like HRB expecting to buy a bride either directly (flat fee) or indirectly (membership fees) will be very disappointed.