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Have You Watched the Latest Introduction Videos?

8. September 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

In addition to gazing at the gorgeous photos and reading the "About Me" and "Looking For" descriptions on Russian Brides' profiles, gentlemen enjoy getting to know the ladies even more by watching their introduction videos.


There are over 1,200 profiles that include this entertaining feature, but even when you think you've watched them all, new ones are being uploaded to the site all the time!


Have you met hot Russian bride PolinaDream yet? She's a 24-year-old ballet dancer from Odessa, Ukraine. She recently uploaded a new introduction video that she's quite proud of. She demonstrates a little singing, talks about why Odessa is such an amazing city, shows off her ballerina skills, and much more!


Click on her photo below to visit her profile, and then click on "View My Intro" to watch the video! You can find other ladies you have specially created introduction videos by selecting "Yes" next to "Has Intro Video" on the Search Page. Enjoy!