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Have a Belated Programmers' Day Celebration with Brainy Russian Brides

24. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Did you know that, in Russia, there is a recognized professional holiday for programmers? It is on the 256th day of each year – which is usually September 13th, but falls on the 12th in leap years. Programmers will, of course, be familiar with significance of the number 256, as it shows up often in 8-bit computing.


The holiday was proposed by designer Valentin Balt, who began a petition in 2002 to have Programmers’ Day recognized as an official holiday. In July of 2009, Russia’s Ministry of Communications and Mass Media issued an executive order recognizing the holiday, and the Russian Prime Minister signed a decree in September of that year. Now, it’s celebrated not just in Russia, but also in the US, Israel, Uruguay, China, Mexico and a handful of other countries.


A good many of our Hot Russian Brides are well-educated, and several of them work as or are going to school to become programmers. If you are a techie type, as well, this can be a great way to break the ice with these Russian ladies. Send her a message celebrating the day. A couple of cute ways to get into the Programmers’ Day spirit:


  • Send a Russian programming sweetie a geeky poem.
  • Add a fun picture of you holding a “Happy Programmers’ Day” sign to your profile.
  • Use ASCII art to add a cute graphic to your messages.

Stop by some of the Hot Russian programmers’ profiles today to wish them a happy belated holiday.