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Helping Your Hot Russian Bride Adjust to Her New Home

21. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

 Leaving your home to live in a foreign country is exciting, but intimidating, too. As thrilled as your Russian bride is to begin her life with you in the States, there will be a lot for her to get used to, particularly while she is getting settled in. Chances are, she won’t be able to drive until getting a license, and won’t be able to work while she waits for permits. This can leave her feeling at odds while she waits for everything to come together. But, with a few preparations, you can make everything easier for her:

Help Her Come Up With Ways to Get Around

Public transportation, in most American towns, is pretty lacking. If you are going to be moving to a new apartment or home to share with your Russian sweetheart, consider new neighborhood’s walkability scores when selecting the perfect place. This can make getting from A to B hard for her if she is not yet able to drive. Make time to take her on any errands she needs to run and out to explore her new city when you are off work. If your love enjoys biking, this could also be an option for her to get to places on her own, at least for short trips. See if a few friends and family members have time to offer transportation for longer ones.


Find Russian Culture Resources in Your City

Almost every place you go has at least one Russian Cultural Association. Find out about the one in your city so that your bride will have access to people from her home country who speak her language and are familiar with her homeplace. She will be able to make new friends at meet-ups and socials.


Help Her Find Ways to Keep Busy

When people are used to having their days filled with a job or classes, having those options cut off can leave you with a lot of time to fill. Ask your bride about activities she might like to take up while she waits for everything to get settled, and help her find resources to pursue her new activities. As an example, English classes give her great skills for her new home and help keep her busy. If she’d like to pursue a degree here in the States, talk to someone at a local college about foreign student requirements.


Most of All, Be Patient

It took the two of you a long time and a lot of effort to finally be able to be together. There will be bumps along the road while you both settle into married life and she adjusts to her new home country. But, with some preparation, things will go more smoothly and allow you to enjoy the exciting process of building a new life together.