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Historic Snowfall in Russia - Crazy Pictures!

21. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

In Moscow on Friday, they had 10 inches of snow; that's more than usually falls in the half the month of January! Other areas have fared even worse, with cars and doorways completely blocked by snowdrifts. Reports say that there are traffic jams that go on for 30 miles or more. Russian officials have set up stations where motorists can get a hot meal while they wait, but many say that their cars are running out of gas while they wait to be able to move.


A number of areas are cut off entirely, as streets are impassible. They are calling it a "snow tsunami" or "snowpocalypse." Hopefully, things will improve for our Russian friends soon. Weather reports say that temperatures should rise soon, melting away the massive mountains of snow.


Check out some of the dramatic photos below:













Photos: Russia Times