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Holiday Suggestions to Show You Care

7. December 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Hopefully you already have the perfect gifts picked out from the HotRussianBrides.com Gift Shop for your favorite ladies, but if you really want to feel more closely connected this holiday season, try some of these suggestions.


Send Festive Photos

Whether it’s you, or your pets, dressed up like Santa, Ded Moroz, or a funny elf, posting these pics to your profile and sending them as attachments in emails will make your lady smile. She may even get inspired to dress up and send some photos your way as well!


Watch Famous Films

Every culture has classic films that are played each year during the holiday season. One that is regularly shown in Russia is The Irony of Fate, a made-for-TV movie that contributes to the belief that most Russian women have about fate being the controlling force of true love. Copies can be obtained with English, Spanish, German, and French subtitles.


Share Holiday Recipes

One of the best features of this time of year is all of the delicious food. Whether you enjoy dishing it, or just devouring it, this is a great opportunity to share cultural cuisine. Ukrainian women prepare a traditional twelve-dish Christmas Eve feast known as Sviata Vecheria, or Holy Supper. Ask your favorite ladies to share their recipes for kolach, borscht, varenyky, or uzvar!


Name a Star

Many Christians look toward the sky on Christmas Eve for the shining miraculous sign of the birth of Jesus. A special sentiment for the religious Russian lady in your life would be to name a star after her or for you both. While it’s a novelty gift with not much to show for it besides a fancy certificate with telescopic coordinates, some ladies may find it very romantic.


Spending the holiday season away from the lady you love can be tough, but with some creativity, you can still share some special moments together.