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Honesty and Russian Dating Online

9. December 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

For some people when dating on the internet and offline, it is customary to fudge at least a few details during their initial conversations. Everything from their real age to their status as the captain of the high school football team to their occupation and hobbies can

be fair game. Unfortunately, approaching dating in this manner usually leads to little else than disappointment and mistrust.


While it may seem like a good idea to misrepresent certain details of your life – drop your profile age by 10 years, claim you like writers you have never read, post a fake name, etc. – It rarely works out. When ladies approach relationships, especially on HotRussianBrides.com, they normally approach with the intention of it developing into a serious long-term relationship. If the initial foundations of the relationship are built on mistruths and even flat-out lies, it rarely grows into something strong. The first thing that most people will wonder after find out their partner has lied to them is “what else have they lied about”?


Honesty in your Russian dating profile


Filling out your Russian dating profile with anything other than genuine information can lead to a variety of issues. Not only can it foster mistrust between you and your other half, but it can also cause billing issues since we use things like names and addresses to verify credit card information. It is also possible that this could cause you to have issues with our Qualification process when you are ready to meet the lady you are interested in.


Honesty in your pictures


We have people from all walks of life using our site. This is the case with the Russian and Ukrainian ladies as well as the gentlemen. We are also firm believers in the notion that there is someone out there for everybody. With that being said, there is no reason at all to misrepresent yourself through your pictures. Posting inaccurate pictures of yourself – old pictures, manipulated pictures, or even pictures that are not you at all, can lead to disappointment, confusion and hurt feelings on both sides.


Honesty in your communication with Russian brides


One of the biggest sources of issues in a relationship can be the discovery of lies. No matter how small or innocent a lie can seem, they can grow and develop into a mountain of mistrust. This is why it is so important to always ensure that you stick to the truth about yourself when communicating with a lady. You never know when a lie can come back to haunt you, or a false claim you made can be proven wrong.


Most gentlemen on our site would expect nothing less than total honesty from the ladies they are talking to, so why provide anything less yourself? While you may feel that honesty leaves you vulnerable, the benefits of being totally open and truthful with your other half will always outweigh the drawbacks of mistrust and suspicion.