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Honor a Hard-Working Russian Woman This Week

4. June 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

This week marks three professional holidays in Russia and the Ukraine – Ecologists Day, Journalists Day, and the Day of Social Workers. Does your special lady work in one of these honored professions?

Ecologists Day – June 5

Tuesday, June 5 is Ecologists Day, a day honoring the Russian men and women who work in the ecology field. The day coincides with World Environment Day, when environment groups work to raise awareness about the environment and teach citizens how to “go green.” Similar festivals and educational seminars typically take throughout the country each year.

Journalists Day – June 6

Wednesday is Journalists Day in Ukraine. On this day, the nation honors the hardworking men and women who work to keep the pubic informed, as well as recognize the unique challenges journalists face. In Ukraine, censorship can be a problem which has prompted some reporters to march against government interference in the media.

Day of Social Workers – June 8

Friday, June 8, is Day of the Social Workers. This holiday honors the men and women who dedicate their lives to helping others, including child, family, and school social workers; medical and public health social workers; and those who specialize in mental health and substance abuse.

Is your lady an ecologist, journalist or social worker? If so, surprise her with a special email, e-card, or gift on her special day. Don’t know any women who work in these professions? Meet Hot Russian Brides’ ecologists, journalists, and social workers.