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Hot Hotel Girls Pose for Olympic Calendar

28. December 2011 by Masha 0 Comments

Russia is eagerly awaiting the 2014 Olympic Games, when athletes and spectators from all over the world will arrive in the resort city of Sochi. One hotel in the nearby city of Nizhny Novgorod decided to use the sports theme to create a 2012 calendar.


"We decided to make an original gift for the New Year for our regular guests," said Alexander Makarov, director of Public Relations at Marins Park Hotel. "I think they will be delighted! Many businessmen from other cities stop in and are already familiar with the entire staff. Now they will be able to see our workers in an unusual perspective, a new role! This is a fun publicity stunt."


The modern Marins Park Hotel is hoping to attract guests for the Olympic Games, along with many other hotels in the area, so it's no surprise that promotions are already underway.


Are you chatting with Russian women online who live near Sochi and Nizhny Novgorod? Perhaps this 4-star hotel will be a perfect place for lodging! They sure do have some gorgeous employees as seen in these calendar photos!


Source: kp.ru