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Hot Russian Badminton Babe, Anastasia Russkikh

16. December 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

27-year-old Anastastia Russkikh was practically born with a shuttlecock in her hand. With badminton coaches for parents, she was always taken to practices and games. She even had a custom made smaller racket she named “Sunshine”, because playing the game made her so happy. Her older brother was also involved in the sport and became a National Champion by the time he was 12.


Since Anastasia grew up in the badminton world, it was only natural that she would compete. She entered her first tournament at age 9 in Sweden and finished in third place. She began playing professionally with her local Gatchina Badminton Club as well as a larger Danish club in Skaelskor, Denmark. Currently she competes with Vendsyssel Elite in Denmark.


While she began playing singles tournaments, she is known for her success in doubles matches. She is currently ranked first in mixed doubles with Indonesian partner Flandy Limpele, and ranked second in women’s doubles with fellow Russian Anastasia Prokopenko, by the Badminton World Federation.