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Hot Russian Boxer Wins Heavyweight Belt

23. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

In her first fight in her native country, Russian boxer Natalia Ragozina won a knockout to set a new record in women’s boxing.


More than 5,000 spectators convened to watch the fight in Yekaterinburg, the largest city in Russia’s Ural Mountains, 1,100 miles east of Moscow.


The glamorous female champion, who has previously won seven super-middleweight belts, emerged victorious from a Saturday night bout against Pamela “Grenade” London of Guyana. Ragozina dominated most of the fight against London, who came in to the fight with a 60 pound weight advantage.


In the end, Ragozina’s hand-speed and footwork sent her opponent down in the eighth round for a knockout win.


At age 33, Ragozina’s boxing record now stands at 22 wins and no losses with 13 knockouts.


The world’s most decorated female boxer, Ragozina has been nicknamed “the Russian Tsarina.” Her stunning beauty has led to numerous photo shoots, including one for Penthouse magazine.


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