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Hot Russian Bride Milla Jovovich settles down with Director Husband

24. September 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson

Ukrainian-born actress Milla Jovovich married Director Paul W.S. Anderson (of Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil fame) on August 22nd, almost a year after the birth of their first child.


Born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1975, Jovovich moved with her mother and father to LA in 1981 where her mother worked as a house cleaner for Brian De Palma (director of The Untouchable and Scarface). By age 12, Milla was a paid, professional model having been featured in Revlon campaigns among others.


Also at age 12, Milla Jovovich had her first movie role in Zalman King’s drama Two Moon Junction and since then was torn between her growing career as a supermodel and her passion to act until 1997 when she starred in what is argued to be her breakthrough movie, the Fifth Element.


After the Fifth Element, Milla Jovovich’s career faltered for a short time until she starred in Resident Evil, a film directed by future husband Paul W.S. Anderson. The Resident Evil franchise solidified her as one of the most sought-after ladies in the action movie genre. She has since gone on to shoot two sequels to the blockbuster zombie action movie with a third in pre-production. Since the beginning of her career, Milla has been on well over 100 magazine covers worldwide and has been nominated for several Saturn and MTV Movie Awards. Along with Anna Kournikova, Milla Jovovich may be one of the best known celebrities to come out of the former Soviet Union.



Milla Jovovich played Alice in the Resident Evil film series

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