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Hot Russian Brides Aren't Hot Russian Robots

11. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

The term “mail order bride” may always linger around the Russian dating industry, but the myths and negative connotations that loom along with it need to stop. One assumption that causes gentlemen to have unrealistic expectations about finding a wife this way is that the women will comply with any proposal.


Just because a Russian or Ukrainian woman lists herself on an international dating site doesn’t mean she’s open and available to anything or anyone. Men mistakenly confuse this concept and suggest situations that offend, and even frighten, the ladies.


One example is when men think these ladies are so desperate to leave their countries that they will quit their jobs, drop out of school, and leave their friends and family, all to fly away to an exotic destination or move abroad. While a Russian woman may be willing to relocate, it will only happen when she has found her perfect partner and is completely ready. No amount of threats, bribes, or propositions will persuade her.


Another mistake men make is proposing marriage immediately. Since they are known as Russian and Ukrainian "brides", some assume these ladies will accept a proposal without thinking twice. While most of these singles do want to wed someday soon, they want to find a compatible match first. Marriage is a very important part of their lives, something many of them dream about for years, so they certainly don’t want to rush into it.


It all boils down to the fact that international dating is an investment, and since men have to pay for the correspondence, many believe the girls should be at their beck and call. This viewpoint could not be more vexing. If a man wants to be successful in finding his ideal match on HotRussianBrides.com, he needs to show Russian women respect and court them like a proper gentleman would.