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Hot Russian Brides: Giving Excellent Customer Service to Gentlemen from All Walks of Life

2. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

We truly want everyone who comes to Hot Russian Brides to enjoy his dating experience and to find the one who is right for him. One of our greatest joys is to be able to post photos of happy couples who met on our site.


To ensure that we provide everyone with an ideal experience, Hot Russian Brides offers a level of customer service that you will find on no other international dating site. We have friendly web hostesses online at all times to help you navigate the site and give you answers to simple technical issues. When you need their assistance, simply click on their profile to begin text or video chat.


For the issues that are beyond the reach of our web hostesses, our customer service team comes into play. Our customer service department can be reached by phone or email, and will give prompt attention to any member’s complaints. Like any busy web site, we experience occasional technical difficulties; however, simply contact us and we will do our best to ensure that you have everything you need to continue your dating experience.


Many gentlemen are initially overwhelmed by the female attention they receive when they join Hot Russian Brides. Often, a new member will begin receiving emails before he has even had time to fully fill out his profile or add any pictures. There are several reasons for this. First, new members are featured prominently on the ladies’ version of our site; these gentlemen are the first that a lady who is looking for a conversation will see. Second, the ladies are very curious about new gentlemen. Remember, as familiar as the places you see every day are to you, to her, you are an exotic man from a foreign country, and that is enticing! Third, there are over 9,500 women on our site with active profiles; at any given time, hundreds will be online and looking for love.


Hot Russian Brides is a niche dating site. We introduce gentlemen to ladies from a specific region: Russia and Ukraine. Depending on what you desire, this can be exactly what you want. The populations in FSU countries are, in contrast to the places like Australia and the Americas, relatively homogenous. Russia and Ukraine are, respectively, 80% ethnically Russian or Ukrainian. While it is true that the ladies you see on our site do not represent every variation you will find in their countries, it would be impossible for us to have it otherwise. All of the ladies on our site are ones who have approached our partner agencies. We have no quotas; our agencies accept all eligible ladies. Few gentlemen ever notice the lack of racial diversity on our site because the ladies who use our introduction agencies are so charming, well-educated, and beautiful.


Gentlemen from every walk of life have had romantic success on Hot Russian Brides. Happy couples include ones from different races and ethnicities, couples with wide age gaps, and ones who, when they met, did not even speak one another’s language. One of the wonderful perks to international online dating is this: many of the superficial qualities that take center stage in local dating simply melt away. You and your bride develop a strong, authentic relationship built on shared values, common desires and the genuine affection that develops during a warm and sustained courtship.


We want every gentleman who engages our service to find what he is looking for. To that end, we provide tools such as this informative blog, full verification of all ladies on the site, and attentive, always-available customer service. It is our desire that you succeed. If you need any assistance from us in your Russian dating journey, simply contact us, and we will help in any way that we can.