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Hot Russian Schoolgirls (15 Pics!)

31. August 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Say hello to sexy Ukrainian bride, Love_Me!

The sweltering summer heat wave has wound down in Russia and Ukraine and the ladies are enjoying cooler weather. This time of year also means back to school and tomorrow is the official first day, also known as Knowledge Day.


Hundreds of hot Russian students will be heading back for college classes, so be sure to wish your favorite ladies a successful start to the school year. And don’t forget the hot Russian teachers as they gear up for another strenuous semester.


Why not celebrate the smart and sexy ladies of HotRussianBrides.com by appreciating these adorable profile photos? There’s just something about short plaid skirts that mesmerize men.


Some of the girls pictured below are currently schoolgirls, while others are accomplished graduates. Even if they have never had to wear school uniforms before, they love posing in these provocative outfits now! Click on the photos to learn more about them and find some favorites to flirt with!


Russian bride Elizabhet is an economist!

Ukrainian bride ISeduceU is a sexy student!

Hot Russian bride Daria37 is a student!

Another sexy Ukrainian student, Adventa!

Stunning Ukrainian schoolgirl, Alexa-Boo

Sexy Russian student, CherryStyle

Hot Ukrainian student, Naughty-Babe

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl Annechka is a student!

Beautiful Russian bride, Keytlin

Sexy Ukrainian woman, KittiCat

Adorable Ukrainian student, KarinaSweety

Beautiful Russian bride, Yulia869

Hot Russian bride Elena0007 is a bank manager!

Sexy Ukrainian model, Tanusha65