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Hot Russian Women Clear Snow in Miniskirts to Make Social Statement

24. February 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Wearing miniskirts and high heels, seven hot Russian women descended on a square in St. Petersburg to remove ice and snow from the area. Why? It seems the ladies want more tourists to visit St. Petersburg during the winter (especially foreign men) and are angry that city officials do nothing to remove the snow themselves. 


"We have experienced this snow since last November," said group spokeswoman Eva Tornado (not her real name). “The administration, municipal services, management companies, and others do nothing. So we decided to come out on our own. Maybe it will serve as an example to some males and they may come to help and make our city cleaner...We'd like more foreign men to come to the city!"


The protests come in response to the death of a six-year-old boy killed by falling ice and several other snow and ice-related injuries this year.


The women are members of X-Z, a local group that uses hot women to draw attention to social issues (similar to Ukraine’s FEMEN). The ladies’ latest efforts have really worked! The Associated Press, The Huffington Post, and The Canadian Press are just a few international media outlets that covered the Russian women’s snow-removal efforts.


"X-Z was started by a group of like-thinking girls who decided they could solve problems through the power of their feminine beauty," Tornado explained. "With vivid, beautiful actions we can turn the attention of people and of the government to the issues that concern us.”


This isn’t the first time X-Z has creatively protested on city streets. AOL News reports that the ladies also offered to spray hot pedestrians with water guns during last summer’s heat wave and offered free swimming lessons when St. Petersburg residents discovered that the breakwater that protects the city from flooding was damaged.


Here’s a video of the ladies in action.