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Hot Ukrainian Actress Headed to Hollywood

7. February 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


Last week, 26-year-old beauty Irina Kaptelova won Best Foreign Actress at the TV Drama Awards Made in China for her leading role in the Chinese series My Natasha. Now agents from Moscow and Hollywood are clamoring for her attention. 


As the first foreign actress to portray the lead character in a Chinese TV show, Irina studied journalism in her hometown of Dnipropetrovsk before moving to China, which she believes has benefited her acting career. 


"As a journalist, I can truly dissect the script... I know how to work with a character, what makes a plot appealing," she explains. 


Since 2008, when she debuted in the Chinese film Winter Is Not Cold, she has starred in nine films and TV shows and audiences are enamored by her emotion.


"I'm often referred to as an actress who knows what is going on inside a human heart," she says. "They appreciate the honesty of my performance."


Irina recently finished filming a new Chinese-American TV show Yung Wing in which she plays the wife of the first Chinese student to get a college education in the United States. Now she's ready to try out Hollywood or possibly theater. 


"I am on the verge of a life-changing decision. Most likely, I’ll try to temporarily go to Los Angeles," she says. "If I ever work at the theater, it is going to be Moscow or Kyiv. If the directors invite me to work with them, that is."


Take a look at Irina Kaptelova in action! 



Source, Photos: Worldwide News Ukraine