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Hot Ukrainian Actress Juliette Marquis Dazzles Movie Watchers

28. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

When she burst onto the Hollywood scene in 2003’s “This Girl’s Life,” critics praised Juliette Marquis as “an actress who is going to be a big star” and “the epitome of a movie goddess exuding as much intelligence as sex appeal.” Compliments like these make it a wonder how far this hot Ukrainian woman has come.


Having immigrated to Chicago from her native Ukraine at age 8, the young Marquis began working as a model at 14 and lived for varying periods in Paris, New York and Los Angeles as she honed an acting career.


She landed the lead role for This Girl’s Life in 2002, playing the part of a porn star who struggles to balance moral dilemmas of her personal life with the demands of her professional life. Her performance earned her the Best Newcomer Award at the Vegas Film Festival and the Best Actress Award at the MIFF Film Festival Internationale di Milano 2005.


Marquis’s second big screen appearance was as a hockey goalie in 2004’s “Chicks with Sticks.” Since her debut, she has starred in six films, most recently 2007’s “Phantom Love.”