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HotRussianBrides Offers Flexible Membership Options

5. May 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Unlike many dating websites, HotRussianBrides offers flexible membership plans to ensure every gentleman can court Russian women in a way that is both fun and affordable. Here’s what HRB has to offer.


Monthly Membership Plans

HotRussianBrides does not push a “one size fits all” membership plan. We instead offer three different monthly memberships, each with its own advantages. The benefits of premium membership (Gold, Silver, Platinum) include free emails, discounts on chat and live video streaming, discounted gift shop items, as well as advanced features like stealth mode and blocking. We also have a flexible cancellation policy so gentlemen are never stuck with a membership they don’t want or need. Click here to compare membership levels and view prices.

It’s important to note that members who wish to view Introduction Videos, chat live, or view a lady’s live video stream will also need to purchase a credit package.


Credit Packages

If a gentleman doesn’t wish to purchase a monthly membership for some reason he can instead buy a block of credits and pay as he plays. There are no credit expiration dates and members can use credits however they want. HotRussianBrides currently offers the following credit packages:

500 credits    $199.00     (40¢/ea.)
200 credits     $99.00      (50¢/ea.)
110 credits     $60.00      (55¢/ea.)
50 credits       $30.00      (60¢/ea.)


Monthly Membership and Credit Packages

Many gentlemen find combining premium memberships and credit packages is the most economical way of using HotRussianBrides.com. To determine which option is best for you think about how often you use the site and which features you wish to use. While many men gravitate to the cheapest membership plan or the cheapest credit package, in the long run it's often more affordable to purchase a higher priced plan than to buy the cheapest package over and over again.

Good luck!