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How Can I Get More Replies from Russian Brides?

7. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Men are matching up with wonderful Russian women every day at HotRussianBrides.com. However, some members feel like these lovely Russian ladies are playing hard to get.


If you are not moving along as quickly as you’d like in this Russian dating experience, then here’s a few things you can do to pick up the pace.


Switch up your profile

A good thing to do every once in awhile on any online dating site is to change up your profile. You may be feeling differently now than you did when you first set it up so rewording your profile info could be a needed change. Also, swap out your photos with new ones. Change your appearance or take some photos outdoors.


Create a new intro email

If you’ve been using the same introduction email for awhile, it could be time to rewrite it, especially if you’re not getting many replies. Share some interesting details about yourself or explain what you love best about Russian women. Imagine that you are sitting face to face with the Russian lady of your dreams and write down what you would like to tell her about yourself.


Expand your search

Some men know exactly what they are looking for in a Russian woman and won’t settle for anything else. This is great, but it will probably take longer to find your match when you have a smaller pool to splash around in. Change up your criteria when searching the site. You may think you are only attracted to brunettes, until you see that ravishing Russian redhead. Or perhaps you think some ladies are too young to even bother with, but you may be surprised how mature Russian women really are.


By making simple changes and modifications like this to your profile and your search, you can have more success on HotRussianBrides.com. Frequently check the blog for new dating tips and advice and don’t hesitate to contact the web hostesses for live assistance.