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How Can I Tell If My Russian Bride is Serious About Me?

17. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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It’s understandable that dating beautiful Russian women online can make men think and act differently. These girls are so gorgeous, charming, and intelligent that some guys believe usual dating methods don’t work. They often wonder how they can tell when a Russian bride is serious about their relationship. The answer is pretty similar to how you would tell with a woman from your own country.


Remember, all women are different and they show their affection in different ways. Even if you feel that a lady is very interested in you online, you must spend time together in person before determining your true compatibility.


Here are some things a lady may do to signal that she's serious about continuing your relationship.


Compliments You

Flirting is one thing, but when a woman genuinely gives you compliments, she’s telling you exactly what she likes about you and that’s a good sign.


Opens Up To You

When a woman begins confiding in you about her past or sensitive personal issues, it usually means she trusts you. Trust is a crucial component to solid relationships.


Talks about your future together

Another way that a Russian girl may show she’s seriously considering you as her match is by chatting about your future together. Your connection may be evolving from casual dating to a serious bond.


Invites you to visit

Spending time together in person is the ultimate way to see if there really is chemistry between you and your favorite Russian lady. When she invites you to visit her, and talks about introducing you to her family and friends, it’s probable that’s she’s serious about taking your relationship to the next level.


While it may be more difficult to gauge how online relationships are working out, since you’re missing the physical contact and body language, it’s still possible. As always, trust your gut and keep your communication open and honest. When a Russian bride feels that you’re The One, you’ll know.