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How Do I Change My Profile Info and Photos?

26. September 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Gentlemen often notice that Russian girls change their profile pictures and reword their descriptions frequently. They like to have the most current information about themselves available to potential suitors, but they also know this practice can help attract new guys' eyes and online dating experts agree! 


Have you updated your profile photos or descriptions lately? It's so easy! 


On your My Home page, click My Account on the bottom toolbar. Your Account Information appears, along with several links to the right. Make any changes to your Account Information by clicking Edit Account. First type your password, make any changes you need, then click Submit. 


You can edit your profile by clicking View / Edit My Profile. Review what you already have, click Edit Profile to make changes, then click Submit. You can also change up your profile photos by clicking Edit Photos. Bronze Members can upload one photo, while Silver, Gold and Platinum Members can upload six. 


Click Remove to delete photos from your profile, then choose new files from your computer and click Upload. Your face must appear in the photos. They are reviewed and those deemed inappropriate, distasteful, containing copyrighted material, cartoons, or that are unsatisfactory (blurry, pixilated or very poor quality) will be deleted.


You can also add and delete photos you wish to send as email attachments from My Account, as well as check your credit balance, purchase credits, learn about the referral program, and more! Stop by My Account today!