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How Do I Chat with Women Live?

15. June 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Some men prefer the excitement and instant gratification that comes with live chat. That’s why Hot Russian Brides makes it easy for gentlemen to find Russian women who are logged on and ready to chat with Western men.

The simplest way to find women who are available for chat is to head over to Hot Russian Brides’ search page and click on the “Who’s Online?” button. The panel on the left will refresh to display ladies who are currently logged on and ready to chat. Just click on the green people icon on a lady’s profile card to launch a chat session. If the green people are flashing, the lady is streaming live video. If the green people are not blinking a lady is logged on but not streaming video.


Gentlemen may also accept live chat requests from the ladies of HRB. Requests appear at the top of the screen, and members may accept or decline a request and/or view a lady’s profile.


Thousands of men love the speed and spontaneity offered by Hot Russian Brides’ instant chat and live video streaming features. Why not try it out and get to know the lovely women of HRB? Flirt, laugh, and charm your way into a Russian lady’s heart today!