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How Do I Know She’s Sincere?

18. March 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Given the distance between the men and women of HRB and the persistent rumors about Russian bride scams, it’s natural for men to wonder about a lady’s sincerity. Many men want to know how they can tell, without doubt, that the women of HRB are genuinely seeking lifetime partners and not out for personal gain. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Proving Sincerity

Unfortunately, it is very difficult, if not downright impossible, to “prove” that a lady is sincere. Though our extensive validation process successfully deters many Ukrainian scammers, we cannot read minds nor will we question women about their personal feelings and relationships. Demanding proof of a woman’s intentions is a surefire way to hurt and insult her, not to mention damage your relationship. Instead, rely on your gut and common sense. Open and honest communication is also key to finding women who share your relationship views and goals. 


The Definition of Sincerity

While it’s a given that sincere women don’t lie or mislead men for personal gain, some men stretch the definition of sincerity to include a woman’s age, appearance, or style of dress. Some members feel that women under 25 couldn’t possibly be serious about finding love and are therefore insincere. Other men see skimpy clothing or professional photo shoots as the hallmarks of an insincere woman. However, this is a mistake. Attitudes about dating and marriage vary from culture to culture, and what may seem strange or scandalous in the West is the norm in Eastern Europe. Don’t write off a potential match simply because she has a different outlook on life.


Russian dating, like any other form of dating, doesn’t come with a guarantee. There’s no fail proof method of finding love, and both men and women must take a leap of faith when it comes to starting a new relationship. Though you should certainly be vigilant, obsessing over sincerity can thwart your time on HRB.