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How Do Russian Women Prefer Their Kisses?

6. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Whether you call it a peck, a smack, a smooch, or a romantic liplock, kissing is the ultimate expression of affection and love. The word kiss came from the Old English cyssan, meaning “to kiss”.


Studies have been done claiming there are many different types of kisses, with some cultures, like the French and Germans, naming over 30 different kinds! In fact, up until recently in Russian culture, kissing between two men as a greeting or farewell was not uncommon and not considered sexual.


But let’s get back to kissing hot Russian brides! 3,054 members were asked the simple question, “How do you like your kisses?” Out of 5 choices, 44% of Russian women chose “Slow and Sweet”, while 38% chose “Hot and Heavy”. Interestingly enough, the gentlemen’s top picks were the same, with 67% selecting “Slow and Sweet” and 23% admitting to “Hot and Heavy”.


So, it appears there’s a good chance that your kissing preference will be similar to that of your favorite Russian lady, which will certainly help heat up your relationship. Have you heard of the Blue Russian Kiss? Champagne, vodka, and blue caracao combine to make this classy cocktail. Cheers!