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How Do Russian Women Stay So Hot?

2. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

Seeing beautiful Russian ladies on a professional website like www.hotrussianbrides.com makes me wonder two things. What is it that these Russian women eat to stay in such good shape? And exactly who gave them the secrets to the perfect exercise routine? After some careful hunting, I discovered that the majority of food eaten in Russia includes a balanced mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables. Russians certainly enjoy tasty dishes like potato balls stuffed with meat. But unlike many Americans, who claim that they are “meat and potato people” but detest vegetables, Russians seem to appreciate in season fruits and green vegetables immensely.

As implied earlier, after catching a glimpse into the life of a Russian’s healthy diet, I was also curious to find out exactly what it is that hot Russian women do, in order to stay in such great shape. I learned that the answer can often times be summed up in two words, “Kettlebell Workouts.”

Pavel Tsatsouline, a well known Russian sports coach living in America, has helped bring popularity to this new and intensive workout. But before getting the facts on how this work-out works, one really needs to at least be able to develop an image of a Kettlebell in one’s mind. Essentially, a Kettlebell resembles a huge bowling ball with the added bonus of a heavy handle. Now that we know what one is, we need to know how it works. After all, how otherwise will we get in as great of shape as these sexy hot Russian women?

First, a person needs to be standing, in order to perform the exercise properly. In this standing position, a person should use their lower body strength to swing the Kettelbell back and forth. Specifically, one should swing the Kettlebell in front of the body, and then back through the legs. The motion should be repeated for a good amount of time if a person is striving to achieve noticeable results.

While doing this exercise, hamstrings, gluts, and back muscles are worked out. The most interesting thing I discovered was that doing this exercise gives you both a cardio and resistance training workout in one shot. No wonder these hot Russian Bride candidates look so great! Someone pass me the Kettlebell please.