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How Do the Members of HotRussianBrides View Themselves?

2. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

If you had to pick one word to describe yourself what would it be? Honest? Loyal? Confident? Or would you choose something a little less glowing like shy, insecure, or loud?

In the recent matchup survey, we asked over 3,000 members of HotRussianBrides, both male and female, to review a list of 10 adjectives and select the word that best described them. The choices were loyal, friendly, outgoing, quiet, patient, attractive, talented, shy, calm, and loud. Here’s how each sex responded.


Both Sexes Loyal, Friendly

Loyal was the most popular choice among both sexes. Nearly half of the men, 47%, chose loyal as compared to 29% of the women. This is good news as loyalty is a must-have for any healthy relationship. 

Friendly was the second most popular choice among both sexes. Of the singles we surveyed, 15% of men think friendly described them the most, while 22% of the women made the same selection. This is more good news as HotRussianBrides is all about meeting new and interesting people.


Ladies See Themselves as Attractive, Outgoing

After loyal and friendly, attractive and outgoing were the most popular selections among the ladies. 16% of the ladies said attractive was the word that best described them (as compared to 2.4% of the men), while 15% of the women chose outgoing (as compared to 8% of the men). Put another way, 37% of the ladies on HotRussianBrides view themselves as friendly or outgoing. No wonder they write a lot of email and are so keen to chat with gentlemen!


Men Believe They Are Outgoing, Patient

After friendly and loyal, outgoing and patient were the most common selections among the gentlemen. 8% of the men said outgoing was the word that best described them, while another 8% of our members chose patient (as compared to 4% of the ladies). This patience will help gentlemen successfully deal with cultural differences, communicate with non-native speakers, and endure long separations from a beloved Russian bride-to-be.


Other Selections

•    Quiet - 2% of women and 4% of men believe quiet is the word that describes them best.
•    Talented – 6% of women and 6% of men chose talented.
•    Shy – 2% of women and 4% of men chose shy.
•    Calm – 3% of the ladies and 5% of the men selected calm.
•    Loud – 0.1% of men and 0.9% of women say loud is the word that best describes them.

How a single views him or herself can tell you a lot about how that person will be in a relationship. For example, loyal people are typically dedicated to their partners and expect the same loyalty in return. Men and women who consider themselves friendly or outgoing are usually easy to talk to, while shy individuals may require a little coaxing. The next time you’re chatting with a lovely lady on HotRussianBrides, ask her how she would describe herself and listen to what she has to say. Her answers might just help you in the future.