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How Does HRB Compare to Other Dating Sites?

22. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

There is no shortage of services that offer online dating and international romance. So just what is it that sets HotRussianBrides.com apart from the multitude of other dating and matchmaking services on the internet?


Not a Mail Order Brides Service

With a name like Hot Russian Brides, it is understandable that many first-time visitors to our site confuse our service for a mail order bride agency. However, as our regular users can attest, there is a big difference between a so-called mail order bride service and the online dating experience that we provide. For one thing, the purchase of human beings for purposes of marriage or otherwise is both highly immoral as well as illegal. This means if you come across a service that advertises brides that are available for purchase, they are likely in violation of the law and it is best to stay away.


HotRussianBrides.com, in contrast, is a legitimate online dating service for gentlemen looking to marry a woman from Russia and the former Soviet Union. We make no promises that any bride will marry any gentleman. All that we do is provide the means for the gentlemen to search for a Russian lady that they like.


Niche Dating Sites

Many of the most-frequented online dating sites refuse to cater to a specific kind of person. Rather, they strive to appeal to a broad base of people searching for love among the masses. This might work for them, but a recent study showed that nearly a third of people who use online dating services prefer to use niche dating sites – or sites that specialize in a certain kind of dating or a certain kind of date. If you want to date people who share your faith, there are sites that specialize in matching people based on religion. If you’re a vegetarian and only want to date other vegetarians, there is a site that specializes in that as well. And if you want to date women from Russia … well, look no further.


Different Sites = Different Search Methods

There are as many matchmaking methods as there are dating sites. Some services match people based on personality tests, others via questionnaires and other methods. It might work for some, but only at HotRussianBrides.com are you in complete control of which Russian ladies you pursue. Our method of matchmaking is as simple and straightforward as that of traditional dating, without same investment of time and money that traditional dating requires.


If you want to direct your own search among the best women that Russia has to offer, then HotRussianBrides.com is the dating service for you. Sign up for a premium membership today.