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How Does Hot Russian Brides Prevent Scamming?

28. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

It is a rare occurrence, but a common concern among members of HotRussianBrides.com. Though they are few, there are members who misuse the site. Thus, we employ various measures to handle so-called scammers.


Here are a few thoughts on Russian dating scams and what Hot Russian Brides does to prevent and deal with them.


Preventing Scams

One of the most efficient anti-scam methods that Hot Russian Brides uses is our video validation procedure. This innovative feature requires all Russian women who use the site to affirm via video that they will abide by the Hot Russian Brides Terms of Use.


This acts as an agreement that the lady will never specifically request gifts or money from any gentleman with whom she interacts on the site. It also prevents her from claiming that she was unaware of such a policy in the event that she is suspected of violating the terms.


In addition to video validation, Hot Russian Brides offers numerous tips and advice on the site and in our blog postings on how to protect one’s self from being a scam victim.


Other Explanations

When a user of the site claims to have been the victim of a scam, our efforts most often reveal the situation to be a misunderstanding rather than a genuine scam. In some cases, a lady may suggest to a gentleman that she would enjoy receiving a certain gift, but does not specifically ask for a gift or money. Unless a specific request for a gift is made, this is not considered a violation of our terms.


Similarly, newer users of the site have, on occasion, declared a lady to be a scammer after said lady refuses a proposal for marriage. In these situations, we remind the gentlemen that a lady’s use of the site does not guarantee that she will marry the first gentleman who proposes and a courtship process must take place first before any commitments are made. In this respect, Hot Russian Brides is much different from a so-called mail order brides service.


What if a Scam is Suspected?

In the event that a user of the site relates concerns about a particular lady asking for gifts or money or otherwise engaging in behavior that violates our terms of use, we immediately and thoroughly investigate the claim. This investigation has our staff examine chat logs and other records to establish the legitimacy of the claim before taking any action. We also may contact the lady’s local agency to inquire about her use of the service.


After hearing all sides, we can make a determination about whether or not a lady has indeed violated the terms. If so, she will be removed from the site and prevented from further using our services.


Ultimately, actual cases of women using HotRussianBrides.com to perpetrate a scam are rare. However, we do have safeguards in place to both prevent such scams as well as deal with them if they happen.


Rest assured that at HotRussianBrides.com we strive to make your online dating experience safe and enjoyable. See what it’s all about by joining today.