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How Does Life in Greece Compare to Life in Ukraine?

5. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

You can feel so close when you chat with each other that you forget how far apart you are right now.


Life for your sweetie living in Ukraine is very different from life for someone living in Greece in some ways; in other ways, there are marked similarities. 


Some of the differences:


  • She could make five times as much money. Average income in Greece is around €23500 per year; in Ukraine, average income is just €4700 a year.
  • But, she could spend almost 6 times as much on healthcare.
  • And, she’d be nearly twice as likely to be unemployed.
  • She could live 11 years longer. Average life expectancy is 68 years in Ukraine; in Greece, it is 79.


Then, there are the ways things are the same:


  • There are some similarities between Greek and Ukrainian cuisine. Both countries have long coastlines, which means plenty of fish on the menu. And, both cuisines have Turkish influences. If she lives in Lviv, for instance, you will find that you two probably both like the same style of coffee.
  • About two-thirds of people in Ukraine live in urban areas; 61% of Greeks do. So, the odds are pretty high that you and your sweetie are from the same sort of environment, which makes her transition easier. 
  • If she’s from a coastal area of Ukraine, her climate will be similar. Odessa has the same sort of Mediterranean climate as Greece.