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How Does Life in Singapore Compare to Life in Ukraine?

22. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Are you courting a lady from Ukraine? Life in your country is very different from life in hers. One of the ways to ensure the success of your relationship is to be aware of the differences to help you both deal with the inevitable culture shock.


We have resources online to help us show you the way your countries contrast with one another through a few simple statistics.


If your Ukrainian sweetie lived with you in Singapore:

  • She could make almost 8 times more money.
  • She’d be 40% more likely to be employed.
  • She could live 13 years longer. Average lifespan in Ukraine is 68 years; in Singapore it is 82.
  • But, she could spend about 3 and a half times as much on healthcare.
  • She’d be living in a much smaller country. Ukraine is 233,100 square miles, about 100 times the area of Singapore.
  • She’d enjoy much balmier weather. While Singapore is a tropical country, Ukraine is much more temperate.
Photo: WikiMedia