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How Does Life in South Korea Compare to Life in Ukraine?

21. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

When you talk to your favorite Ukrainian sweetheart about things in her country versus your own, sometimes you can feel every mile of the distance between the two of you. But, no need to fear; in many ways, such as the high regard for family life, values and life in South Korea and Ukraine are remarkably similar.


In others, of course, they are very different. How different? We pulled together some facts and figures from a number of sites to put the contrasts into simple statistics:


Things look pretty rosy for your lady if she comes to South Korea:

  • She could live 10 years longer. Average life expectancy in South Korea is 78 years; in Ukraine it is 68.
  • She could make over four times as much money. Average income in Ukraine is just under ₩6700. In South Korea, it’s a little over ₩30,000.
  • She’d also be about 15% more likely to be employed.
  • However, she would spend about three times as much on healthcare.
  • Despite South Korea’s much smaller area, she’d have access to just as much scenic coastline. Because South Korea is an island, its coastline is actually slightly longer than Ukraine’s. 
  • She’d get to enjoy a slightly warmer climate. South Korea is considered temperate, while parts of Ukraine are more chilly in the winters.