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How Does Ukraine Compare to New Zealand?

17. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Life in Ukraine is different from life in New Zealand in a wide range of ways, both dramatic and subtle. 


We checked with a number of resources online to get the facts and figures about the differences between New Zealand and Ukraine. A few handy figures that capture a few of the contrasts between the two countries:


  • Summer temperatures are about the same, but, she’ll love the warm New Zealand winters. Winter in Ukraine can be very cold and snowy, while New Zealand does not have a wide temperature range by season.
  • She could earn over four times as much. Average income in New Zealand is just under $33,000 NZD, while Ukraine’s is about $7,600. 
  • However, her chances of being unemployed would go up by about 50%. Ukraine’s unemployment rate is 4.3%, while New Zealand’s is currently about 7.8%.
  • She’d have seven times the coastline to enjoy. Ukraine’s coast is at the southern border of the country and runs about 2,700 miles. New Zealand, and island country, has over 15,000 miles of coastline.
  • She could live 12 years longer. Average life expectancy in New Zealand is about 80 years, while in Ukraine it is 68.
  • She’d be in a community having about 40% more babies. The birth rate in New Zealand is about 14 per 1000 people, but just 9 per 1000 in Ukraine.