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How Does Ukraine Compare to Sweden?

8. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between life in your home country and the country of your Ukrainian bride?


We looked online and found a few ways that life is different for the average resident of either country. If your bride lived in Sweden instead of Ukraine:


  • She’d be a little less warm in the summers. Average July temperature in Sweden is 17 C; Ukraine’s summer temperature averages 27 C.
  • She’d make 5.8 times as much money. Sweden’s average income per person is 235814kr, while Ukraine’s is 41922kr.
  • But, she’d be almost twice as likely to be unemployed. Sweden’s unemployment rate is currently twice Ukraine’s.
  • She’d live 12.15 years longer. The average lifespan in super-healthy Sweden is 80 years, while life expectancy in Ukraine is 68 years.
  • She’d live in a country with a class divide that is 25% less dramatic. Sweden is a less stratified society than Ukraine, with far less economic inequality. Many social scientists consider a lack of income inequality an important factor in personal happiness of residents and general well-being.
  • She’d be in a country that has 5% more babies. If the two of you are thinking of having kids, you’ll be in good company, with 10 babies born in Sweden for every 1000 people every year.


Photo: If It Were My Home