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How is Hot Russian Brides Different Than Mainstream Dating Sites?

10. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

People tend to think of Hot Russian Brides as being mysterious and exotic, but the truth is that HRB is not that different than mainstream dating services. We’re simply a niche form of online dating with a few minor differences, differences that include:


An International Focus

Most mainstream sites are for men and women who want to meet a match in their area. Members may occasionally pursue matches in other regions, but it’s rare for them to venture outside their country. HRB is the opposite. We help connect Western men with women from Eastern Europe. Because of this international focus, we offer benefits and features domestic dating sites do not, features likes onsite translators, an online gift shop, cultural guides, and more.


More Communication Tools

Unlike members of traditional dating sites, members of HRB can’t exchange a few emails and meet up for drinks over the weekend. They must instead communicate solely online and build a relationship through emails and chats. Because communication is so critical, we’ve developed a range of tools to help members connect with potential matches. These tools include live video streaming, profile videos, onsite translators, instant chat, email, emoticons, the black book feature, and much more.  


More Privacy

Almost anyone can find your profile on a mainstream dating site, but Hot Russian Brides keeps gentlemen’s profiles private. In other words, only female members and site administrators can view your Russian dating profile. Men’s profiles and photos do not appear on Google and they are not visible to other men. We also provide a dating environment that makes it possible to chat and get to know Russian women without volunteering your personal contact information. Some men have no problem sharing their address or phone number, but others prefer to keep their info private until they’re sure they’re comfortable with a potential match.

In essence, Hot Russian Brides is like any other online dating site but with a Russian twist. While we do differ from mainstream dating sites in a few minor ways, the differences are often beneficial to members.