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How Long Should Online Courtships Last?

9. June 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, Miracle99

Some say courting Russian women online speeds up the search for love, since there are thousands of single ladies ready for romance. It would be nearly impossible to meet as many women through the more traditional ways of dating than you can on HotRussianBrides.com.


However, once you find a few ladies that you're enjoying emailing and instant messaging, you'll soon wonder how long should you keep corresponding online before you bite the bullet and travel to meet them?


One study revealed that the average courtship for a couple meeting online is 18.5 months compared to 42 months for people who met through more conventional routes. This large difference suggests that internet dating does indeed accelerate relationships, but intercultural courting can last longer or even shorter.


An international vacation often takes several months of planning and saving, so that right there may extend an online courtship. Also, depending on what time of year you find some ladies you'd like to meet, you may decide to wait until spring or summer, which are the best times to travel to Ukraine.


Savvy travelers suggest mapping out a trip to meet several ladies from different cities. Unforeseen circumstances can prevent dates from happening, so this way you'll be prepared. Plus, with so much to see and do in Russia and Ukraine, you'll want to visit as many locations as possible. But, finding a sufficient amount of women to meet will take time.


By reading the Testimonials from couples who met on HotRussianBrides.com, it appears that many online courtships last around 12 months. Although, every relationship is unique and you really can't put a timeframe on love! You certainly don't want to rush into anything this serious, but you also don't want to waste time with too much talk and no action. Ukrainian ladies will usually let you know when they're ready to welcome you for a visit!