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How Long Until I Find a Match?

11. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many fellows want to know how long it takes to find a match on Hot Russian Brides. The answer? There is no standard timeframe. How long it takes a man to find a significant other on HRB depends on a variety of factors, factors like…


The Time You Put Into It

If you log on to Hot Russian Brides once or twice a month, it will likely take much longer to find a match than logging in once a twice a week or everyday. Even if you do log on regularly, you’ll still need to spend time reading profiles, answering messages, and building relationships. After all, connections don’t happen overnight. Men (and women) have to work at it.

Your Attitude

Even if a man spends several hours a day on HRB, he won’t find a match if he’s bitter and surly. The attitude you bring to Russian dating can play a big role in finding a match, so try to stay positive and not let past disappointments get you down. This can be challenging at times, especially when faced with rejection, but it’s ultimately worth the effort.



As hard as it is to accept, luck often plays a big role in finding a partner. Thanks to luck or a lack thereof, some men might spend a year or more on HRB and never find a match, while others might find a bride within the first week. Some men might connect with a lady online only to discover there’s no spark in person, while another man might have the opposite experience. Understanding that you can’t control every aspect of the dating experience can help you keep a good attitude and preserve your sanity.

Time, attitude, and luck are just three of the factors that go into determining how long it takes to find a match. For this reason, it’s difficult for us to give any sort of timeframe. However, members can review our Testimonials and Featured Couples page to learn about other gentlemen’s experiences.