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How Not to Talk to Ukrainian Women Online

1. April 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

We’ve given lots of advice about how to talk to Ukrainian women, so here are few tips on what to avoid. Are you guilty of these surprisingly common mistakes?


Don’t Insult the Women

While most men don’t blatantly insult the women of HRB, many inadvertently do by suggesting the ladies are scammers out to score money or a green card. Not surprisingly, such comments can irrevocably damage a relationship as they’re both hurtful and insulting. It’s okay to be skeptical and to have doubts about Russian dating, but the key is to not let these negative emotions creep into your chats and emails and destroy your chances of success on Hot Russian Brides.

Avoid Complaining About Costs

Other men believe HRB is too expensive and complain about the cost in emails or chats. Many men view such complaints as harmless venting, though women often feel uncomfortable when they hear such remarks. Why? It can seem as if a man doesn’t think a woman is worth the effort or even that he believes she “owes” him something for all the money he’s spent (sadly, some do men think this). You wouldn’t complain about the cost of dinner on a date (we hope), so think twice before complaining about the costs of Russian dating. 


Don’t Treat Them Like Mail Order Brides

Naturally, men shouldn’t talk to the women of HRB like stereotypical mail order brides. This means offering her money for marriage, proposing in the first email, or insisting she owes you something because you’ve spent a lot of time and money chatting with her. Despite its quirky name, Hot Russian Brides is simply a niche online dating site. We don’t sell women in any way, shape, or form, and we never have. 


Don't make the common mistakes listed above. Though Russian dating may be frustrating at times, it never pays to be disrespectful or lash out. 


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