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How Often Do Russian Women Use Hot Russian Brides?

16. April 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many gentlemen are perturbed by the ladies’ HRB usage habits. Some men worry that their lady is online at the same time too often, as if she’s working a shift, while other gentlemen wish their lady would log into Hot Russian Brides more frequently. Here’s what gentlemen should know about the ladies’ online activity (or lack thereof).

The disparity in the ladies’ activity is due to their varied schedules and commitments. Some women go to school, some work long hours, and some must care for their family members. Therefore, the women of HRB are online at all hours of the day and night, with some logging in every day and others checking in only once or twice a month. There’s no “typical schedule” for the 10,000 ladies of HRB, they have different lives and commitments and also live in different time zones. If you want to chat with a specific lady, ask about her schedule and arrange to meet her online at a time that is convenient for you both. Some women will obviously have more flexible schedules than others.

Especially skeptical gentlemen might ask why some of the ladies are online at the same time every day, like they’re working a shift. The answer once again comes down to schedules. The ladies have work and school schedules, like anyone else, and can only access HotRussianBrides at certain times during the day. For some ladies, free time falls into the wee hours of the night while other women can only access HotRussianBrides.com in the middle of the afternoon. The same is true of our gentlemen members (which is probably why they see the same ladies online all of the time). No one is working a shift. They are simply working HotRussianBrides into their daily routine.

How often do Russian women use Hot Russian Brides? That depends on the lady. Some log on every day, others every week, and others once a month. The only way to know how often a particular lady logs on is to ask her (in a polite, friendly way, of course).